Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Ashes to whatever

Just a quick note in case anyone wanders here by accident: This blog is (for now) closed. I started it for a class and ended up doing nothing with it, and now that the class is over (got a B), I'm unlikely to do anything with it now. I'm not going to delete it because the url would get snatched up by pr0n and/or spam monkeys, and I don't want to risk that. I'll probably find a use for this thing in a couple years. At least I had a good title for it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Does this count as convergence?

It's public discourse about public discourse. It's a twofer!

And it's so, so painfully true . . .

Sheldon's a pretty good example of a comic strip as public discourse, especially given its mixed-media history (started out online, went to a syndicate, just recent left the syndicate and went back online). Another good example is this strip, an astute commentary on the iPhone. Plus the duck is cute when he's upset about things.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Trailers, Commericials and Short Films - visual rhetoric in action

Some good examples of visual rhetoric: an up-to-date collection of movie trailers organized by date and studio a site showcasing video advertising and indie music videos and short films short films of all genres

Thursday, January 11, 2007



Public Discourse (pub-lick dis-corse) (n): the exchange and contribution of ideas in any non-private forum. Examples include speeches, advertisements, mass media and teh Intarwebs.

Rhetoric (ret-or-rick) (n): 1. the techniques of verbal persuasion; 2. language using these techniques; 3. the part of teh Intarwebs that isn't pr0n.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I read once that if there were eight million blogs, four million would consist of a single post that said "Test."

This blog is going to be my main tool in my public discourse class (English 335). I took the class because I like to argue and because I want someday to be a political pundit and if I'm going to be a good political pundit I will need to know how to effectively communicate ideas in multiple media. (Note correct use of the plural word "media" to indicate "many mediums.") We're going to spend the course conveying various ideas to each other in different ways. Should be interesting.

To get things started, we even have a sort of quasi-assignment to give our definitions of public discourse and rhetoric. I'll post those up here as soon as I get them written. I plan to post a lot of stuff for class up here, actually, not just assignments but my thoughts on the course and the issues I choose to focus on. I have a few ideas already of what I want to do, but I'm going to mull over them a little before I settle on anything. The fun part will be seeing what the others come up with, considering that the prof (who seems like a fun person) and a couple of the other students talked a lot about social justice issues.

Like I said. Should be interesting.

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